I am a visual designer with a solid background in product development and innovation.

Product development

As a supporting team member

Illustration & design

Supporting ideas with visuals

Video & animation

Production of motion visuals

Visual presentation

Graphic design and editing

Concept generation

Substantiated feasible ideas


Creating content online

Product development

I have ten years of experience employing my skills in product development teams.


I illustrate using a mix of analog and digital tools.

Video and animation

When a static image doesn’t quite do the trick, an animation can help inform, explain or instruct.

Visual presentation

I visualize dense information quickly and clearly.


I can help generate and present ideas.

Computer know-how

I have a lot of experience getting visuals to work on websites, in presentations or documents.

My general design skills include

  • Brainstorming
  • Concept generation and sketching
  • Live sketching
  • Accommodating innovation workshops
  • Interaction design
  • Visualizing user scenarios
  • Animation and video editing
  • Presentation visuals
  • Mechanical design concepts
  • Visually explaining the development process
  • Ergonomics studies
  • User interface design
  • Model building
  • Testing
  • Styling for industrial manufacturing
  • Innovation consulting

I’ve been useful in projects developing

  • blow molded packaging
  • medical devices
  • commercial refrigeration
  • dispensing technology
  • consumer products for children and sports markets
  • mechanical design
  • packaging design
  • consumer electronics
  • interiors

I have been − or still am − a member of

  • small or medium-sized teams
  • local or international
  • mechanical design teams
  • innovation consulting teams
  • interior design teams
  • an open source software project
  • a group of expert volunteers carrying out a large citizen science project