Ribeiro – degree project

Design project presented for my master’s degree in product development.

Ribeiro is a product concept to reduce techno-stress, a calm signal on or around the desk, wirelessly connected to sources of interruptions: the information on your computer or on the web, or the impulses coming through your mobile phone. Ribeiro aims to return control over these disruptions to the user in a calm and easily manageable way. Light, sound and an electronic ink display keep you in touch with your part of the virtual world. For instance, the display shows who’s just sent you an e-mail, what’s in your to-do list, and the title of the song that is being streamed to your sound system. Separate from the computer monitor, making your computing environment much less stressful, be it at work or at home.

The graphical user interface on the pc allows you to control the interruptions by attributing them a colour, a sound, and importance, while also leaving much power in the hands of the user. He can instantly affect the level of signals coming through by dragging the arc. Interruptions are added by dropping them into place, or through a software dialog. An open philosophy could encourage external developers to add their own conduits, eventually allowing a large amount of pc-generated interruptions to be channeled through Ribeiro. On top of that, the flower petal GUI configurations can be saved as profiles, so different profiles are in effect at different times of day. One can imagine certain news feeds or instant messages being of greater importance when the boss isn’t around, for instance.



October 30, 2006